Meet The Underdogs

New work for Subaru’s National Make a Dog’s Day October 22nd

Client: Subaru | Agency: Carmichael Lynch | Art Director: Brad Harrison | Copywriter: Dean Buckhorn


Fall in love with some of the hardest-to-adopt dogs


Cesar is an old dog who loves to learn new tricks, meet new people, and eat as many treats as possible. Senior shelter dogs like Cesar are gentle dogs with a lot of life experience and even more love to give.


Born deaf, Echo has learned to communicate through hand signals rather than commands. She’s a lover of baby animals, fashionable outfits, and tasty dog treats. She even earned herself the nickname “Pig Pig” for her playful grunts. 


Even with one less leg, Cooper is always a few steps ahead. He and other shelter dogs like him can still run after any squeaky toy or track down a treat without a problem.


Like many blind dogs, two-time shelter dog Ray doesn’t let the loss of his eyes stop him from living his best dog life. He’s extremely smart, and his favorite activities are following your footsteps and getting cozy anywhere he can.


This gentle giant is 130 pounds, but we’re pretty sure most of it is his heart. Big dogs like Diego are great protectors and even better droolers.


Mace is a young country pup who, like many other shelter dogs, overcame a rough start to life. He may have lost an eye, but that hasn’t made him any less energetic.


Charlie might look a little different, but what makes him different is also what makes him special. He’s a little dog with a big smile that can brighten anyone's day.