I was commissioned to shoot both moving and still portraits of the people of the world for a global insurance company. This was my second time shooting a global library project and fortunately in knowing the challenges ahead of time, ensured my selection of the right core team. So with a lot of hard work and a singular focus by many along the way, miracles did happen.   


Our Itinerary: Chile, England, Singapore, Korea, Dubai and Turkey. Six countries, three days from award to travel. Two days in each city.


The Brief:  Find and capture 20 real-people in each city; shoot 3 print ads and take time out for a separate video shoot.  To deliver moving and still portraits that had consistency in framing, lighting and posing.   


The Biggest Production Challenge:  Work through translators to real-time street cast for diversity across age, race and gender.


The Three Big Unexpected: Landed in Santiago, Chile the day after an 8.3 earthquake. Arrived in a Singapore blanketed in smoke from the annual Indonesian sugar-cane field burnings. Wheels down in Istanbul 2-hours after a terrorist attack in Ankara.


The Reward: One of the hardest and most fulfilling jobs I’ve ever done. We met some incredible people who opened themselves to us and allowed me to capture a collection of images that reminded me once again that in all our diversity and uniqueness, we are not so different from each other. At the end of the day, we all could use life insurance.