Client: PHILLIPS 66 | Agency: CARMICHAEL LYNCH | Producer: Dave Lewis | Art Director: Andrew Wetzel

Copy Writer: Chad Temples | Producer: David Safian

Phillips 66 for Carmichael Lynch

Live to the Full. Indeed.

Carmichael Lynch is one of my longest-running clients, and that relationship has produced a wide range of work that I’m really proud to be a part of. 

Getting the call for this project on behalf of one of their newest clients, Phillips 66, was a chance to add to that portfolio, and that relationship. This integrated campaign for Phillips 66 is an example of how hard they work at CL to create work that espouses diversity, change, and challenge. 

The concept was built around the Big 12 Men’s Basketball Tournament and aimed to highlight three Live to the Full everyday heroes who go above and beyond to make a positive impact in their community through basketball. 

We arrived in Kansas City still needing to locate and secure our last talent. To search for people who use basketball as a tool to do extraordinary things within their communities, to find them and then synch up their schedules to our pre-production calendar – well it’s a tall order. But, owing to the casting magicians on the team we were able to find the perfect fit. 

What started out as words on a brief to deliver a library of video and still images ultimately turned into one of those jobs that surprises you a bit with its full impact long before the edits are even finished. I was able to interact with a group of folks truly giving back, contributing deeply to the soul of their community.   Thank you as always to everyone at the agency; especially AB Dave Lewis, Senior Designer Andrew Wetzel and Copywriter Chad Temples. 

Here are our three humble heroes who Live To The Full

Pat Clark, for him the court is not just for dreamers, but kids with a vision.

Michelle Clark, her involvement in Granny Basketball has given hundreds of women a chance to keep playing a game they love.

Ed Hubbard, for him sports are so much more than just a game.