Vizio for David & Goliath.

I’ve known David Angelo for a long time. We followed parallel paths in the advertising world, making our separate ways from Minneapolis to Los Angeles.  While David and I are still both in the business of making work to tell stories, he now does it with a 200-person agency, me with a 200-person crew.  Okay, sometimes I dream about a 200-person crew.


But for this project, we needed a lot fewer than 200 people to bring these ideas to life.


Picture this they said “dogs relaxing like humans, escaping their everyday routines, having a beer, cozied up with a bowl of popcorn, while watching TV.” The answer was “sure” but these things don’t just happen. And while it may have been said that I’m not much of a dog person (my apologies, Subaru dogs,) it has never been said that I won’t jump in and do whatever is needed to execute an idea. Primping pillows and coaxing dogs alongside my small but committed crew, I was in the moment. Then, at the end of the day, as I locked eyes with the talent, who needed to lock eyes with an entertainment system, became a real portrait making opportunity — a connection with a subject. Is it a stretch to believe I could be a dog person? 

I always work on having a good connection with my talent on set, it's important that they feel inspired.

Thanks to David for reaching out and for introducing me the Vizio pack leaders, Ben, Courtney and Rob.