Rally Cycling | “Longevity”

This spot for Rally Cycling, which touts the long-term health benefits of cycling, debuted online during the final stages of the Tour de France.  The creative heads of Solve, Hans Hansen and Eric Sorensen, are Minneapolis ad legends, and my work with them has spanned agencies and decades. I’ve also had the pleasure of working for Rally Cycling, and their in-house creative director, Sam Wiebe for 5+ years through three name changes and their push to climb the ranks in international cycling. 


Following up after last year’s "Calories" spot, this time I would be directing Bob Powers, a 92 year-old triathlete from St. Paul.  When we showed up, our camera car was literally an old ambulance, with a porch so we could shoot. And we had a paramedic at the ready. And even through a cut on the ankle, Bob bandaged up and forged ahead to get the shot we needed. Who better to illustrate the health benefits of cycling? Bob was a true professional as we worked on timing single-take motion shots as both the daylight and Bob’s (enviable) endurance waned. We got the shot, on our last shot, and it’s always good to go home again, hang out with such legends.