Subaru 2017

612-334-6000. Carmichael Lynch. From the first call back in 1989 it feels like it’s always been an easy working relationship for me – trust, creative compatibility and great results, what one hopes for when you do this job.  And 27-years later, I feel fortunate that I can say that they continue to call me at least once every year for a project (or two.)  And it’s still not something that I think either of us takes for granted.  

No shoot is ever business as usual though, and the familiar is always rubbing shoulders with the undiscovered. For these 2017 Subarus, we spent 5 days on location in Southern California to capture 5-vehicles at 10 locations covering 4-lifestyle scenarios + a day of backlot shooting in the rain alongside the running footage team.  All this embargoed, all on a tight schedule (so you’ll see none of those BTS pics showing how hard we worked at it).

Many thanks to Art Director Bob Berken and Content Producer Sandy Boss Febbo for entrusting me with their vision, sharing this Subaru’s love.