Subaru Snow


The brief for the 2nd half of this job said:  Estimate to spend 4 days on a snowy location to capture 5-vehicles at 5-locations covering 4-lifestyle scenarios (stills) + running footage (a 3rd model will be shot beauty/static only).  

What it took to get all these images is a production tale too long for this blog. And one I could likely never tell.  So I asked my trusted long-time producer, David Zickl, and he was happy to give some insights…

“What I know after having a few of these Subaru shoots under my belt with Shawn and Carmichael Lynch, is that after all their years of working together, ACD Jeff Terwilliger, Art Producer, Sandy Boss Febbo, and Shawn have their own unique shorthand. Theirs is a long relationship layered with trust - as in they trust Shawn, he trusts them, and then they entrust me to interpret it all - that ultimately gets us where we need to go to make the magic happen for the client. 

And for this shoot, I chased snowfall patterns for 2 months over 5 states, cast talent in 48-hours, booked and rebooked a handful of last-minute airplane tickets, coordinated movement for embargoed cars + pursuit vehicle/team, paid some people not to plow their driveways, organized an early morning hockey game for some 11 year-olds, had numerous dump truck loads of snow brought in the night before to cover the roads, ultimately turning Ketchum, Idaho into the winter wonderland that everyone envisioned.

What I also know after 20+ years producing shoots for Shawn, is that he is always steady and prepared, a real master of this craft.  And in the end, he just makes it look easy to do the difficult. 

And while the brief didn’t mention Shawn’s daughter then buying one of these cars a few months later, that also happened.

Thanks for the adventures brother, always great to work with you. -DZ”

Rachel with her new Crosstrek!

Rachel with her new Crosstrek!